What is a KML file and how do I open it online?

A Keyhole Markup Language file is frequently referred to by the file extension KML. KML files are generally used to store geographic data in a common XML format that Google Earth understands.

How Online KML Viewer and Converter Works in Android and iPhone?

KML stands for keyhole markup language this is an XML based file format and that is store geographical data to store and accurate content and is an Open Geographical Consortium (OGC) standard. KML is format to sharing geographical data with non GIS users as it can be easily delivered on the internet and that is viewed in a number of free application. Including Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer. KML...

KML to GPX | Online Converter | Free Tool Download

Converting a KML file to GPX is simple using KML/KMZ to GPX Converter. Simply launch the app and import the KML file you want to convert.

KML to GeoJSON converter

Many of the files are not compatible to open it in a real format that is needed to be converted and then open it. Some of the files are not open it, that are needs some tool to be converted and then open it in your compatible format. Some of the files such as KML ( Keyhole Markup Language ) file that needs to convert it and then open it in your compatible file format. If you want to open your KML...

KML to TopoJSON converter - Online Converter - Free Download

A free online GIS programme that converts KML to TopoJSON. You can also convert to a variety of other formats. This utility also allows you to modify the output file's spatial reference system.

KML to CSV File Converter Online

If you are trouble with your KML file and convert it into CSV format but at that time you don’t have an option for that, here you can convert your KML file into CSV is the easiest way to convert it. Here you can just load your KML file and choose whatever you want to convert it form. And you had done. This is the simplest tool that it can convert your KML file easily.

The CSV is a comma-separa...

Online KML to KMZ Converter & Import Export a KML File

If you want to convert your KML file into KMZ than use online tool for KML to KMZ file converter. A KML file is a specific data file that is shown on Google earth were KMZ file is a zipped version of the KML file. So if you want to change your KML to KMZ file then zip program such as WinZip Winrarnrar are required.

You can convert your file KMl into KMZ in some easy steps. Like firstly you can...