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KML to KMZ converter

What is KML?

Keyhole Markup Language is an XML based format for storing geographic data and associated content and is an official Open Geospatial Consortium standard. KML is a common format for sharing geographic data with non-GIS users as it can be easily delivered on the Internet and viewed in a number of free applications, including Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer. KML files have either a .kml or .kmz file extension.


What is KMZ?

KMZ is one type of file extension that file is used by Google Earth. KMZ stands for Keyhole Markup Language Zipped it is a compressed version of KML ( Keyhole Markup Language ) file. Keyhole is a founding company of the earth viewer software that Google was builts build upon.  

KMZ file can contain placemark featuring a custom name. That shows latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for the locations. And also shows 3D model data. KMZ file can be opened by Google earth, or unzipped with a compression utility, such as WinZip on windows, mac zip for Macintosh users and zip and unzip for a UNIX system.


Who uses KML?

There are following user’s can use KML.

  1. Casual users

  2. Scientist

  3. non-profits 


       1. Casual users

           You can use this KML in routine life. You can use this to plan a trip if you want to share your location with your friends that most probably use KML. this KML is very useful in daily life shedule.

       2. scientist

            In science there were KML file is used such as in scientific data like natural resources map, geographic trends and many more thing shows with KML file.

      3. non-profits

            A KML file is used to highlight problems and advocate a change. If a problem can be highlight then the problem is solved definitely.  


How to convert KML to KMZ?

If you want to convert your KML file into KMZ than use online tool for KML to KMZ file converter. A KML file is a specific data file that is shown on Google earth were KMZ file is a zipped version of the KML file. So if you want to change your KML to KMZ file then zip program such as WinZip Winrarnrar are required.

You can convert your file KML into KMZ in some easy steps. Like firstly you can import your KML file then next step preview of your KML to KMZ file are shows then click on save button and your file has been successfully converted in KML to KMZ. if you want to share your KML to KMZ file then you can easily share with your friends.

Posted 1 year ago by Rathod Khyati