KML to CSV converter

Here you convert KML to CSV just to do is import your KML file and convert it with compatible format. you also convert KML to CSV, KMZ, Geojson, Topojson, GPX.
KML to CSV converter

If you are trouble with your KML ( keyhole markup language ) file and convert it into CSV ( Comma Separated Value ) format but at that time you don’t have an option for that, here you convert your KML file into CSV is the easiest way to convert it. Here you have to just load your KML file and choose whatever you want to convert it form. And you had done. This is the simplest tool that it converts your KML file easily.


What is KML?

KML is a keyhole markup language this is an XML based file format and that is store geographical data to store and accurate content and is an Open Geographical Consortium (OGC) standard. KML is format to sharing geographical data with non GIS users as it can be easily delivered on the internet and that is viewed in a number of free application. Including Google Earth and ArcGIS Explorer. KML files have a .KML or .KMZ file extension.  This file for compressed or zipped KML files.

KML is a component of both features and raster elements that are also including points, lines, and polygon as well as related to content like graphics, pictures, attributes. That store all the geographical data and this dataset in ArcGIS are typically and homogeneous elements. A single KML file contains features of different types as well as imagery. That KML file uses a primarily by the google earth application that is used by other mapping systems that use as well as the other mapping system.

KML has a .kml or .kmz filename extension. That KML is developed by Google, keyhole, Inc. KML is a geographic and an information system file type. KML is an XML based extended form.


What is CSV?

The CSV is a Comma Separated Value that shows the data in tabular format. CSV showed a garden of variety but that is shows with comma separated values. This all dataset is saved in a  .CSV extension in the CSV format that is shown in any spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel, google spreadsheet that is also shown in one spreadsheet because there was only one single spreadsheet. That cannot save a column, row, and cells, and also you can’t save formula on that.

This CSV file serves a number of different business purpose. That is store a large number of the dataset. Companies export a high volume dataset on that for the more concentrated dataset. All the data can be saved as a comma separated.

CSV file is a simple plain-text file, making them easier for the website developer to create. Since they are a simple plain text and easier to import into a spreadsheet or another storage database, regardless of the specific software that can you uses. This is better to organize a large volume of data.


How to convert KML to CSV file format?

A KML file is creating more trouble in humans mind that how to convert it into some another file format. Here is know to worry about that thing, here you can easily convert your KML file into CSV file format. Just follow some steps are you can easily convert your file. Following are the steps to convert a CSV file.


  1. Import your KML file from either Dropbox or Google drive

  2. You will see all the KML file and you want to choose what you want to convert your KML file

  3. Here is to give you an instant preview

  4. To convert choose your format from the drop-down list that KML to CSV, KMZ, GPX, Geojson, Topojson

  5. After this, you can also share it with your friends.

  6. And you have done, your file is converted it KML into CSV.


This is a simple step to convert your KML file into CSV and any other format that you want to convert it. At that time KML file are not trouble like before.

Posted 1 year ago by Rathod Khyati